Flexible & Reliable Washroom Solutions

Whether you need hand dryers, soap dispensers, toilet seat sanitising solutions or washroom vending machines, we can tailor a solution to suit your needs.

Washroom & Sanitary Services In London, Manchester, Birmingham & The UK

We understand that washrooms are challenging environments to keep clean and pleasant for your building occupants. Heavy footfall means they need extra care to keep them safe, clean and well stocked.

Through our carefully picked partner network, we offer a complete range of washroom services to ensure your washroom is always welcoming. By letting us take care of these services in addition to your contract cleaning and centralising contracts, you can reduce the admin and hassle of managing multiple contracts.

We can help you with complete washroom services including (but not limited to):

  • Feminine hygiene services and sanitary bins
  • Baby changing
  • Soap and hand sanitiser dispensers
  • Hand dryers
  • Washroom vending services
  • Urinal sanitising
  • Innovative hardware (e.g. bacteria reducing)
  • Air purification and freshening (inc. creating bespoke fragrances tailored to your brand)

No hygiene waste our partners collect goes to landfill. It is instead taken to be sorted and whatever cannot be recycled is sent to local ‘energy from waste’ (EfW) plants where it is turned into a renewable fuel source.

We have a range of experience working with businesses and public spaces of all shapes and sizes and can tailor our washrooms solutions to suit your business and its unique needs. Please get in touch for more information and a quotation.

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Better for Humans, Better for the Planet

Probiotic products can be used on both the hard and soft surfaces, key touchpoints and even ensures the air we breathe is continually clean too.

Effective cleaning.

Probiotics get into even the smallest nooks and crannies and are constantly replenished through misting. They have a cumulative effect and even continue to work when discarded down your drains.


All-natural ingredients mean they do not produce harmful by-products. Recycled and recyclable, the helpful bacteria is never wasted; it becomes a resource after use and once discarded down the drain.

Reduces bio-allergens.

They reduce the bio-allergens – including pollen, mould spores and dust mite faeces, that trigger allergic reactions like hay fever and asthma. They eliminate unpleasant odours at source too.

Helps with compliance.

Our probiotic solutions help meet CIBSE TM40 Hygiene, Wellness & Air Quality environment recommendations.

Safer for humans.

Probiotic products are better for your staff, visitors and your cleaner’s health. They are safer for use around pets too.

100% vegan & cruelty free.

All products are vegan, naturally sourced from plants and PETA-certified as animal-cruelty-free.

Areas We Cover

A local presence not only helps us better understand and support the specific needs of our customers and their sites, but also ensure we are nearby and on hand whenever they have extra urgent or last-minute need.

Whatever your industry, our contract cleaners in London, Manchester, and Birmingham are ready to help.

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For more information on how The Clean Space team can help improve wellness in your workplace with Washroom & Sanitary Services, please get in touch for a quote.

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