When thinking about their cleaning, many businesses forget to consider the importance of clean air in their buildings. Yet managing and improving air quality in your workplace goes above and beyond just preventing absences: buildings with high levels of CO2 can see employee productivity reduced by up to 11%.

Creating the ultimate, balanced and healthy indoor environment

Our environment affects how we perform at work and air pollution is consistently ranked among our most worrying environmental dangers. With the average person spending just 8% of their time outside overall, employers have a duty to monitor, maintain and improve air ventilation in their buildings.

Unclean air in our buildings can contain substances that are extremely dangerous to human health. This includes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), radon, CO2, benzene, formaldehyde and mould which are linked to cancers, respiratory illness and sadly, in some cases, death.

Study after study has shown that the amount of ventilation is a critical determinant of good health and a lack of it generates problems with cognitive performance. Ultimately, failure to provide adequate clean air in your workplace affects your teams’ ability to perform and increases absenteeism by increasing the risk of the spread of bad bacteria and viruses.

By combining thorough cleaning protocols with NASA-grade air purification solutions The Clean Space can help you minimise airborne viruses, pathogens, chemical toxins and airborne carcinogens in a unique, holistic way.

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Why is clean air in the workplace so important?

Actively investing in ultra clean air solutions has more benefits than you might realise:

Monitor measuring indoor air quality in a classroom or school

Provide a safe and comfortable indoor environment filled with clean, purified air for your employees and visitors

With every building’s system being so unique, we can discuss the best solution to suit to you, your needs and your budget.

And don’t worry if you are in a leased building where you don’t control the ventilation systems – we can still help, just give us a call to book a consultation.

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Clean Air & Ventilation Process

How Does It Work?

The Clean Space can help by providing high grade air cleaning solutions that use combined UVGI, PCO and high-level filtration upstream to clean the air of viruses, bacteria, carcinogens, toxins and dangerous small particulates. Our HEPS filter combines three leading technologies; high efficiency filtration, UVC germicidal purification and PRO-Cell™ Technology.

Rather than aiming to create sterile air, we recommend a Total Environment Clean which means adding probiotic diffusers into the system so that the air that’s released is always healthy and actively discourages the growth and spread of bad germs.

Treated healthy and clean air continually fills the space and lands on hard and soft furnishings adding additional layers of protection to touchpoints in between cleanings.

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Indoor Air Controlled

Turn your ductwork into an active delivery system for clean and safe air.

  • Dramatically reduce airborne pollutants including disease-causing viruses and bacteria, allergens and harmful VOCs before they are inhaled.
  • Remove unpleasant odours, which can also reduce the amount of polluted outside air that is required.
  • Purify the air, surfaces and surrounding objects, especially the really hard to reach areas.
  • Create a more pleasant working environment for staff while also solving all five factors of Indoor Climate Quality (ICQ).
  • Prevent mould and pathogenic bacteria forming in duct work and removes mould and bacteria that may have already grown.

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