Sterile environments created through over-fogging are not great for building occupants or their health. Sterile surfaces encourage dangerous pathogens to replicate simply because there is no competition.

In reality, well workspaces have a delicate natural biome that needs to be maintained. When we over-clean we often remove the good bacteria that’s positive for human health as well as the bad bacteria and viruses that make us sick.

Good bacteria are our friend in sustainable cleaning – they help reduce the spread of bad pathogens by out-competing them for food. By adding good probiotics back into the space after deep cleaning and fogging has taken place, we ensure the premises stay cleaner for longer.

How Does Reset & Replenish Cleaning Work?

Reset & Replenish cleaning bioengineers hygienic environments using a combined approach of sterilisation followed by repopulating the good bacteria we need to be well:

  1. To begin, we conduct one-off anti-viral fogging to reset the space and create a sterile base from which to start.
  2. This is followed by a dose of probiotic misting (can be manually applied or automatic) to replenish the natural biome and discourage colonisation of surfaces by pathogenic bacteria.
  3. Continued regular daily cleaning with probiotics keep the good bacteria topped up between deep cleans and minimises opportunities for pathogens to spread.
  4. Probiotics can also be used in the ventilation or air conditioning system to continually clean and replenish the air your employees breathe too.

Teamed with a permanent shift to probiotic products Reset & Replenish will not only help prevent the spread of pathogens but also contribute positively to your employee’s health and productivity.

Adding Probiotics Into Your Cleaning Regime: Better for Humans, Better for the Planet

Probiotic cleaning detergents can be used on both the hard and soft surfaces, used wet or dry and can even be used in ventilation to treat the air too.

Time For a Change?

For more information on how The Clean Space team can help improve wellness in your workplace with Reset & Replenish Cleaning Services, please get in touch for a quote.

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