Taking the Hassle Out of Sourcing & Ordering Consumables

In addition to supplying your daily cleaning products, The Clean Space can help with all your consumables needs – everything from toilet paper and hand towels to soaps and sanitisers.

Consumables & Supplies Services In London, Manchester, Birmingham & The UK

We source a range of consumables for our customers and can help tailor supplies to suit your business and user needs. By working with a range of suppliers and focusing on sourcing the most eco-friendly, innovative and effective products, we ensure our customers always get the best products for their organisation’s needs, at the best price.

Your workplace may have unique compliance and CRS needs when it comes to the consumables you use day-to-day. We supply suitable and compliant consumables to comply with PHE and CQC guidelines.

We regularly source and supply the following items for our customers:

  • Cleaning products and disinfecting agents
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand towels
  • Soaps
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Bin liners
  • Washing up and dishwasher supplies
  • Air fresheners and purifiers

Whatever your consumables needs, we’d love to help. Call us today on 0870 42 33 559 or complete the form on the right for a personalised quotation.

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Green Choices: Walking the Walk

The products you stock can say a lot about your business. Employees and clients are increasingly looking for organisations that pay attention to the detail and sometimes even your choice of toilet paper can be scrutinised against your business’ green promises.

We work with our customers to find the most affordable and effective products that also align with their company culture, values and CSR commitments.

Chemical Cleaning: The Enviro Concentrates Range

The Enviro range is formulated to ensure the negative impact on the environment is kept to an absolute minimum. They comply with all current European Regulations concerning biodegradability and the preservation of the environment.

Using concentrated chemicals which can be diluted on site helps minimise hefty transport costs and carbon emissions. The precise dosing measurements not only provide cost-in-use benefits but will also minimise chemical wastage.

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DEENA+ Probiotic Cleaning Range

The Future of Cleaning: Probiotic Detergents

While probiotic cleaning is a relatively new concept, the results and benefits are undeniable and our customers love them. Not only are the probiotic products entirely natural, vegan and cruelty free – they can actually help promote wellbeing and reduce absences in a way that traditional chemical cleaning agents just cannot do.

Better for cleaning operatives and building occupants alike, our probiotic cleaning range helps reduce allergens and can clean the air as well as hard and soft surfaces. They even help meet CIBSE TM40 Hygiene, Wellness & Air Quality environment recommendations.

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