How Well Prepared Has Your Organisation Been in Safely Returning Employees to the Workplace Post-Covid?

Take this quick 1 minute quiz to see how your organisation and its Covid actions score:

How to interpret the questions and score your business:

This is not an exhaustive list of actions, nor is it implied that every organisation should implement every measure listed – this approach would not take into account the complete uniqueness of every individual organisation, how it runs and the limitations of its premises. As such, the questions range on a scale from basic measures to more advanced ones.

In order not to influence your answers, the answers (possible actions) are randomised so as not to introduce bias. Ultimately, preparedness is a subjective, perceptual measure of how proactive and prepared your organisation is overall.

We advise you not to get too hung up on your result – the quiz (and accompanying PDF matrix) is meant to help inspire new initiatives and share learnings from other organisations facing the same challenges.

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