We all want our families to be safe and healthy – and that extends to our pets, too. If you’re running a veterinary surgery, you’ll understand the pressures of looking after two key clients: the animals and their ‘hooman’ owners.

That’s why we offer specialist veterinary cleaning services to maintain peace of mind. Contact The Clean Space today to arrange your veterinary cleaning quote.

Why is it so important to work with a specialist veterinary cleaning service?

Veterinary practices throughout the UK are subject to scrutiny from organisations such as The Veterinary Medicines Directorate. These organisations ensure high standards for the protection and welfare of animals, from distributing medicines to offering clean and hygienic spaces.

Whilst we understand that every vet practice will have its own cleaning requirements, we’ll work with you to make sure your needs are met. Whatever you need to make sure your practice is compliant, we’ll supply it in an efficient, environmentally friendly manner.

The challenges of keeping veterinary surgeries clean

We understand the unique issues your surgery may face every day in order to maintain a clean and healthy environment:

  • High footfall: with hundreds of customers coming through the door each day, vet surgeries could be a hotbed for common viral infections
  • Animal waste: accidents happen, and bathroom facilities aren’t as easy for animals to access! We can keep your vet free from the effects of life’s little surprises
  • Clinical waste: from disposing of syringes to blood and other clinical equipment, we’ll help you partner with efficient, sustainable waste management teams
  • Sanitising key touchpoints: from operating tables to cages and reception desks, there are hundreds of touchpoints with human and animal contact each day. We’ll help to keep these sanitised and ensure you meet your hygiene standards
  • Vulnerable visitors: pet owners (as well as pets) can be vulnerable, from the elderly to young children, which is why we use environmentally friendly products and specially trained staff.
Reception in the veterinary clinic.

Why work with The Clean Space for your Veterinary Surgery?

When you work with The Clean Space, you’ll get access to highly experienced professionals throughout the country. We’ve been working with veterinary surgeries since 2003, and we understand the unique challenges that come with maintaining these environments.

We offer both traditional cleaning products and highly effective probiotic cleaning alternatives which are proven to be better for you, your patients and your visitors. They are superb for veterinary practices wanting to go the extra mile to prevent the spread of infections and promote better overall indoor wellbeing for animals and humans alike.

Find out more about Probiotic Cleaning

Why Vets Choose The Clean Space

Your staff and patients deserve to feel safe and comfortable. Our teams will work with you to meet your exacting cleanliness standards. Vets choose us because:

Vets examination room cleaning

Contact The Clean Space today for UK veterinary practice cleaning

Your staff and patients deserve to feel safe and comfortable while in your care. Our teams will work with you to meet your exacting cleanliness standards. Contact our team for contract cleaning services including:

Standard contract cleaning – Daily cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, floors and common touchpoints, including patient rooms, examination rooms, in-patient areas and family waiting areas.

Window cleaning – Exterior cleaning for your ‘shop window’ as well as any internal screens or partitions for staff and customer protection.

Clinical waste disposal – Connecting you with waste management teams to dispose of surgical equipment, as well as everyday office waste including confidential shredding.

Deep periodic cleans – A bolt-on service to standard contract cleaning that goes beyond surface level and helps to sanitise areas that aren’t usually accessible in a daily clean – including how and low level cleaning in areas that are difficult to reach. It may also include deep cleaning of IT, medical and office equipment.

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