The Clean Space has two decades of experience providing specialist cleaning for educational establishments. We understand the unique needs and challenges you face:

  • Ensuring your premises are clean and safe at all times for your staff, pupils and students.
  • Balancing new requirements for increased sanitisation throughout your buildings, without overextending already stretched budgets.
  • Maintaining an environment which is conducive to learning, without the added pressure of senior leaders’ involvement in managing facilities.

Facilities management at your premises should not be stressful or hassle-some. Your supplier partners must understand the complex requirements of education environments and be proactive in their service provision, at all times supporting your school’s policies, from Safeguarding to effective Governance – always demonstrating Best Value. We are experienced in helping our customers manage:

  • The complexities that come with managing high traffic, often multi-use premises teamed with the duty of care that education leaders have to maintain safe, clean and well spaces that are conducive of learning at all times.
  • The importance of delivering the best value for money to satisfy Governors and stakeholders.
  • The need for a reliable service, with trained and DBS checked staff, that will reduce your time to manage the cleaning teams, their performance and employment issues.

We can provide an agile, flexible and expert cleaning service and/or caretaking team, that you can rely on to consistently deliver measurable results day in day out.

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There when you need us.

From cost-effective daily contract cleaning and half-term deep cleaning, to windows, sanitary bins and waste removal – we can provide a centralised cleaning solution bespoke to your unique needs. No two schools are the same and we tailor our cleaning to you and your space.

With extensive experience of cleaning classrooms, labs, canteens and dining areas, kitchens, toilets, changing areas, gymnasiums, pools and sports facilities assembly halls, art or dance studios, offices, stairwells, hallways and communal or outdoor areas, including cleaning for student accommodation buildings or boarding house common areas.

As well as this, we have an extensive mobile team who can support your lettings, ensuring you can maximise additional revenues from your premises.

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Why choose The Clean Space as your cleaning partner?

We recognise the need for safety, flexibility, professionalism and efficiency in an educational environment. Our Schools Operating Procedure and Safeguarding Policy ensure that an exemplary level of service is maintained at all times.


Monitor measuring indoor air quality in a classroom or school

Indoor Air Quality: The Secret Weapon in Improving Cognition

Proper ventilation and indoor air quality (IAQ) is more important now than ever before. Post-pandemic, it is essential for preventing the spread of Coronavirus, but also essential to prevent air pollutants like CO2 from becoming trapped inside the classroom and damaging students’ health, wellbeing and ability to learn.

A recent international study showed that simply improving indoor air quality could increase cognitive test scores by as much as 60%. There is a huge opportunity here to improve health and reduce the invisible, intangible distractions – the air pollutants that cause a lack of concentration and fatigue and stifle a child’s learning capabilities.

We know one of the challenges, especially in an early years setting, is managing children’s health needs, with increasing incidence of hospital admissions as a result of air particle pollution. Effective air quality management will therefore also reduce sickness absence, so that children miss less school, and supporting performance under the current Ofsted framework assessment.

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The same study showed that indoor air pollution levels were high enough to actively threaten children’s health in a large proportion of premises.

Are you one of these statistics?

33pc of nurseries 33pc of nurseries
20pc of primary schools 20pc of primary schools
18pc of secondary schools 18pc of secondary schools
43pc of further education 43pc of further education

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