It’s more vital than ever for us to make workspaces and offices safe, clean and welcoming for your employees. Returning the workforce to office-based working has required organisations to invest heavily in their cleaning and focus on building an environment of trust, comfort and security. This requires visibility, attention to detail and a consistent and loyal office cleaning team.

The Clean Space’s office cleaning team has been providing quality daily contract cleaning for offices and workspaces for more than twenty years. We provide a comprehensive office cleaning service tailored to your building and company needs.

From cost-effective daily office cleaning, office deep cleaning, to maintaining hard floors, carpeted areas, glass, windows, sanitary bins and regular waste removal – The Clean Space will provide a centralised, professional and experienced cleaning team you can rely on.

The Clean Space’s office cleaning team works with a variety of mixed-use commercial offices and buildings.

We are experienced in helping our teaching and learning customers manage:

  • The complexities that come with managing high traffic, often multi-use premises.
  • The desire to create welcoming spaces where people feel well, happy and productive.
  • Risks associated with unhealthy buildings and tackling sick building syndrome.
  • Unique, heritage or specialist building features, surfaces or valuables within your premises.
  • Creating the right combination of value, quality and assurance to satisfy all employees that the workspace is clean and safe to be in.
  • Planning a reliable service, with trained, loyal staff, that will reduce your time to manage the cleaning teams, their performance and future employment issues.

Please get in touch with us here to get an office cleaning quote today. We provide office cleaning across London, Birmingham, Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Manchester.

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Local Office Cleaning Services

Our office cleaning teams work with customers across a broad range of corporate sectors – from law firms, financial institutions and consultancies – all the way to digital and creative agencies, media, film & TV companies. 

Why Choose The Clean Space for Your Office Cleaning?

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We have unashamedly high standards: going the ‘extra mile’ is our normal.

We prefer excellent to acceptable. Our customers want and deserve more than just ‘good service’.

In an industry focussed on achieving “green for good”, we have developed The Clean Space “Purple Process” to drive excellent service.

We offer every customer our peace of mind guarantee that their cleaning standards and team performance is reviewed weekly at manager and executive level, with such confidence in the difference we make, that we guarantee our performance for the first 3 months of any new contract.

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We know how to get the absolute best from our people.

We actively recognise and reward our employees for a job well done. This keeps everyone motivated and working at their peak.

A little gratitude goes a long way. Ethics, wellbeing and empathy have been at our core since we started. Our cleaning teams are effectively managed, supported and incentivised by an expert team of supervisors and managers who genuinely care for the individuals within their teams.

By looking after our people, we know they will look after our customers and deliver an outstanding result.

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We are built to be flexible, responsive and accountable.

Unlike larger, more traditional cleaning companies, we are known for our fast turnarounds and agility when it comes to our customers’ needs.

Not bound by traditional views or ways or working, we are unafraid to innovate and lead change in our sector. We are always seeking better ways of doing things – that are better for our customers, staff and the environment.

Within our central and management teams, we have a diverse range of experience and backgrounds which means we run our business very differently to other cleaning companies. Strong communication at all levels and a flat structure means we can collect, evaluate and act on good ideas from all areas of the business quickly.

What Our Office Cleaning Customers Say

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