Nursery Cleaning Services in London, Birmingham & The UK.

When it comes to the welfare of young children, there is no compromise. That’s why our specialist nursery cleaners have been trained to work in this challenging environment.

Nursery Cleaning Services In London & The UK

The Clean Space has two decades of experience providing specialist cleaning services for nurseries, kindergartens, pre-schools and early educational establishments of all shapes and sizes.

When it comes to the welfare of young children, there is no compromise. That’s why our specialist nursery cleaners have experience working in this challenging and busy environment.

For the assurance of teachers, students and parents, our nursery cleaners are fully DBS checked. We’re also aware of the unique conditions a nursery setting creates – where back-to-school germs can serious affect staff, families and students.

Keeping germs at bay in your nursery

Schools and nurseries are essential for those early years – but they’re also a hotbed for germs as every parent knows. With toilet training, lack of handwashing and general running around in large groups, germs can spread easily in nurseries.

That’s why we offer comprehensive sanitisation services for nurseries, including highly effective probiotic cleaning which is designed to boost overall wellbeing while also minimising the spread of germs for longer between cleans.

With quality reliable service, safeguarding and proactive infection control at the centre of what we do, our teams can help with all aspects of your daily cleaning needs.

Get in touch to find how we can help your pre-school or nursery with its daily cleaning and sanitisation needs. 

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We are Nursery Cleaning specialists

Our Specialised Nursery Cleaning Company

At The Clean Space, our nursery cleaning services are a cut above the rest. Our DBS checked cleaners bring trust and security to your premises, while our cost-effective solutions ensure cleanliness without breaking the budget. And when you need a rapid transformation, our ultra-fast response deep cleaning services stand ready to ensure a pristine and healthy learning environment, allowing educational institutions to thrive worry-free.

DBS Checked Nursery Cleaners

DBS Checked Nursery Cleaners

Our DBS checked nursery cleaners are not just experts in maintaining a pristine learning environment; they’re also trusted individuals committed to safety. We understand the importance of security in educational settings, and our screened team members provide peace of mind to both school staff and parents. Rest assured that your school is in the capable hands of professionals dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and security

Cost-Effective Nursery Cleaning

Cost-Effective Nursery Cleaning

Discover cost-effective nursery cleaning services at The Clean Space. We provide top-notch cleaning solutions without compromising quality, helping educational institutions maintain a clean and hygienic environment within budget constraints. Our efficient practices and tailored packages ensure you get the most value for your investment, so you can focus on what matters most – education

Ultra-Fast Response Deep Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning Services

Elevate the cleanliness of your nursery with our specialised deep cleaning services. Our trained team goes beyond surface cleaning, tackling hidden contaminants and ensuring a healthier, safer environment for children and staff. Experience a thorough transformation that fosters a positive learning atmosphere.

Our Pre-School & Nursery Cleaning Services

The Clean Space has been delivering high-quality, value-for-money daily cleaning services to the early years education sector since 2005.

No stone is left unturned when you work with The Clean Space. We’ll clean the whole nursery and its common areas including:

• Carpets and hard floors in entrance halls
• Office and staff rooms
• Hallways and corridors
• Washrooms
• Kitchens
• Play areas

What you’ll get from our specialist cleaning services for nurseries

Whether you are looking for a regular daily cleaning team, or a fully centralised service that includes consumables and waste removal, you’ll find The Clean Space can help. Our local cleaning teams are on hand.

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Areas We Cover

A local presence not only helps us better understand and support the specific needs of our customers and their sites, but also ensure we are nearby and on hand whenever they have extra urgent or last-minute need.

Whatever your industry, our nursery cleaners in London, Manchester, and Birmingham are ready to help.

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