Leisure Centre and Prestige Sports Cleaning Services

The Clean Space offers professional leisure centre cleaning services to ensure a spotless welcome and protection for your staff and members. We work with numerous recreation, leisure and prestige sport centres and have a unique understanding of these dynamic spaces.

Leisure Centre Cleaning Services

For the protection of your staff, visitors and members, our leisure centre cleaning services will keep your premises both hygienic and looking their absolute best at all times. Whether your operate a leisure/sports centre, gym, health club, swimming pool, community centre or soft play centre, we’re here to make it safe and hygienic.

Why work with a leisure centre cleaning company?

Good hygiene is a must for any public-facing business, but leisure centres have even stronger challenges. With more than 1 million germs per square inch, exercise equipment could pose health and safety hazards if not properly cleaned.

That’s why our fully trained staff are on hand to offer commercial cleaning services for your leisure centre. We’re fully COVID-compliant, helping to disinfect and sanitise equipment that is frequently touched by many hands.

Helping you look the part

As a leisure centre manager, you’ll understand how important it is to make a good first impression. From sparkling foyers to comfortable washrooms and crystal-clear swimming pools, we’ll work with you to help you look the part.

We also understand you have valuable and sensitive equipment and key assets that needs special care and attention when it comes to cleaning so as not to cause damage or shorten its lifespan.

Just a few examples of our leisure centre cleaning services include:

  • Window cleaning
  • Hard floor cleaning (common areas, wet areas, changing rooms and foyers)
  • Washroom services and consumables, including replenishing sanitary products
  • Waste removal and shredding
  • Restaurant and café cleaning, including kitchens
  • Swimming pool, spa and sauna cleaning

That’s why our fully trained staff are on hand to offer commercial cleaning services for your leisure centre. We’re fully COVID-compliant, helping to disinfect and sanitise equipment that is frequently touched by many hands.

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Leaving no stone unturned

The whole of your leisure centre is completely covered by our comprehensive contract cleaning teams. From the gym floor to changing rooms, dance studios, spin studios, weights areas, kids’ zones, restaurants, toilets and pools – it all gets the same outstanding service. Staff rooms and offices are also included, with specialist IT and telephone deep cleaning as required.

Need your exterior to look the part, too? Make that all-important impression from the moment your visitors turn up in the car park. Make sure your exterior signage is glistening, along with litter-free car parks, beaming canopies, patio cleaning and outdoor waste management.

Contract Cleaning Services

Contract Cleaning Services

The Clean Space has been delivering high-quality, value-for-money contract cleaning services with an unwavering commitment to ethics since 2005. Let us help you get more value from your contract cleaning services.

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Probiotic Cleaning Services

Probiotic Cleaning Services

Probiotic cleaning actively cleans while also helping prevent future recontamination improving occupant wellbeing overall, without the need to compromise on cleanliness or cost.

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Additional Cleaning Services

Additional Cleaning Services

We provide a one stop shop for our customers cleaning needs. Centralising suppliers and services can create cost-efficiencies and reduces management time.

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Why choose us for your Leisure Centre cleaning contract

The Clean Space has been delivering high-quality, value-for-money commercial cleaning services to leisure centre and prestige sports centres since 2005. From cleaning lobbies, meeting rooms, break out areas, washrooms, booths and pods to kitchens, gyms or pools – our reliable and conscientious cleaning teams can keep your premises clean and safe for your tenants and their visitors.


1. We clean the whole space, not just the surfaces.

It’s no longer just about sterilising surfaces and touchpoints. A clean environment is now the foundation of employee confidence, so the traditional approaches and methods need to change.

Traditional cleaning methods over-use fogging and sterilisation, increasing risk by encouraging microbial resistance and ignoring the importance of clean air. We know there is a better way.  Our approach is holistic, more sustainable, and focuses on promoting overall wellbeing and that doesn’t ignore the huge impact that clean air also has on our people.


2. We have a strong shared purpose at our core.

We always believed that looking after our cleaners would lead to a better service for our customers in turn and everyone in our team is united by this purpose. By treating cleaners well and paying them fairly, we can lower staff turnover, and improve their morale, performance and efficiency at work too.

Today, we continue to work hard to set standards in an industry notorious for its poor conditions. Retaining the best people and recruiting on values means many of our team have worked together for over a decade. That expertise and experience is invaluable to our customers who trust us to keep them safe and well at work.


3. We guarantee you will notice a positive impact.

We pride ourselves on our expert, professional and helpful team members. From our cleaners on the front line, to our central support teams, we work hard on having rock-solid operational delivery. Our high standards and a keenness to measure our performance means we are confident you will notice the difference when you work with us.

Accountability is central to our core values; so, measurement, supervision and performance reviews are built into our core processes. We’re so confident, that if you don’t notice a measurable positive impact in the first three months, we will let you out of your contract with no quibbles.

Areas We Cover

A local presence not only helps us better understand and support the specific needs of our customers and their sites, but also ensure we are nearby and on hand whenever they have extra urgent or last-minute need.

Whatever your industry, our leisure centre cleaning in London, Manchester, and Birmingham are ready to help.

Other Sectors We Clean

We focus on commercial cleaning solutions for the following six sectors.

Work with a flexible accountable leisure centre cleaning team you can trust

At The Clean Space, we understand that you need complete flexibility when it comes to cleaning contracts. If you’re looking for dependable, regular daily contract cleaners to keep your equipment safe, we can help.

We will work with you to suit your schedules and cleaning needs, however much they vary.

The Clean Space offers fully trained cleaning staff who are well rewarded, loyal and dedicated.

Put your members, staff and visitors first with a safe, clean and comfortable leisure centre environment. Contact The Clean Space to discuss your cleaning contract needs today.

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