No premises are under more scrutiny for cleanliness and hygiene than UK hospitals. Equally, no organisation is under more pressure right now than the NHS.

At The Clean Space, we have 20 years’ experience working with both NHS and private hospitals to provide quality, innovative and reliable cleaning services for all parts of your buildings and grounds. 

We understand the intricacies of managing infection contol in complex busy spaces, with high value equipment. We also understand that you need a quality hospital and ward cleaning service day-in-day-out while also securing best value from your contract. Our expert cleaning management team will support your strategic aims and build a tailored daily cleaning regime to suit your site.

Why trust our specialist UK hospital cleaning services?

The Care Quality Commission has a strict set of cleaning standards that UK hospitals, both private and NHS, must follow. We will work with your facilities team to understand exactly what your hygiene checkpoints are, and develop a cleaning routine to well exceed the standards set by these essential audits. We prefer ‘excellent’ to ‘acceptable’ and we will help keep your hospital facility safe, clean and inviting for patients.

Infection control in UK hospitals

Each year, an estimated 3.5% of patients in England succumb to healthcare associated infections. Whether this is COVID-19 or MRSA, this number needs to be reduced – and we can only achieve this with an outstanding cleaning routine and reliable, dedicated cleaning teams.

We work in accordance with industry best practice and professional cleaning legislation including working with PHE. Our cleaning practices are compliant with the high standards set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and we offer a range of environmentally friendly, but highly effective cleaning products.

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Cleaning a hospital ward floor

Centralised Daily Hospital Cleaning Services

The Clean Space offers reliable contract cleaning for all parts of your hospital. We’ll work out a regime based on your facilities, footfall, and compliance needs; always putting hygiene and patient healthcare first. We offer a complete contract cleaning service including:

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Why Choose The Clean Space for Your Hospital Cleaning

With two decades of experience, we are built to be flexible, responsive and accountable. We are also known for our fast turnarounds and agility when it comes to our customers’ evolving needs. Ready to get started? Contact The Clean Space team today. If not, here are some other reasons to choose us:

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