The challenges of cleaning dental surgeries

If you’re looking to employ a new dental practice cleaning partner, you’re likely concerned about the additional challenges that your clinic faces. These may include:

  • Strict cleaning specifications bound by legal requirements
  • Handling valuable and sensitive equipment and minimising damage from cleaning chemicals
  • Variable surgery opening hours
  • Patient confidentiality, confidence and comfort
  • COVID-19 compliant cleaning
  • Managing the the need for cleaning with the risk of anti-microbial resistance that can develop over time

We have an innate understanding of the issues facing practice managers, which is why we go above and beyond with our dentist cleaning services. We prefer ‘excellent’ to ‘acceptable’ and strive to help our dentistry clients maintain the highest standards of hygiene – consistently.

We pride ourselves on a providing a flexible, accountable service delivered by a happy, loyal and well looked after team of local cleaners with experience of working in medical environments.

All staff are fully DBS checked and trained to the latest government guidelines for COVID-19 sanitation. Likewise, we will work with your surgery checklists to make sure we’re meeting your personal exacting standards.

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Dental clinic reception cleaning

Talk to us about the benefits of Probiotic Cleaning

Probiotic cleaning is an excellent alternative to traditional cleaning chemicals and is well suited to medical settings such as dental surgeries.

Better for patients, staff, cleaners and the environment, probiotic cleaning is proven to be highly effective (including against Covid-19). There are numerous benefits to switching to probiotic cleaning (including a reduction in cleaning’s contribution to microbial resistance) and its affordable too.

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What you’ll get from our dental practice cleaning services

At The Clean Space, you’ll discover a range of commercial cleaning services to keep your dental practice running efficiently.

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