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For flexible, round the clock care home cleaning services that puts your patients first, work with The Clean Space. Our professional teams are well-versed in strict hygiene standards and working in care settings, so contact us today.

Care Home Cleaning

Whether you’re a care home manager or simply looking out for a loved one, you want the assurance that your chosen care home is clean and safe. At The Clean Space, we offer specially trained care home cleaners who understand the delicate nature of these critical healthcare facilities.

Challenges for care home managers

Care homes and facilities working with vulnerable people undergo more quality checks than most. To pass compliance checks with the Care Quality Commission, your care home must be demonstrably clean and hygienic.

Our trained care home cleaners offer decades of experience meeting these strict challenges:

  • Reactive response to spillages and sensitive incidents with patients
  • Meeting strict CQC guidelines on safety standards
  • Maintaining food hygiene and cleanliness in care home kitchens
  • Using COVID-19 compliant cleaning methods to deal with a high turnover of visitors
  • Carefully choosing sustainable cleaning products that won’t negatively affect vulnerable patients.

Working flexibly to put managers’ minds at ease

At The Clean Space, we understand that care home timetables are not the standard 9 to 5. That’s why we offer both contract cleaning and additional periodic deep cleans to suit your schedule.

Please get in touch to arrange a meeting or site visit of your property.

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We are Care Home Cleaning specialists

Our Specialised Care Home Cleaning Company

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond cleanliness to ensure your healthcare facility is CQC compliant. We take pride in aligning our services with the latest NHSC 2021 guidelines and protocols, ensuring the highest standards of infection control. Our deep cleaning expertise is not just thorough but also lightning-fast, precisely what healthcare settings demand.

With our ultra-fast response times, we stand ready to provide immediate deep cleaning solutions, fortifying your defences against diseases and infections, and ultimately, prioritising the safety and well-being of your patients and staff. Trust us to keep your healthcare facility spotless, safe, and up to regulatory standards.

Care Quality Commission (CQC) Compliant

CQC Compliant Healthcare Cleaning

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is a regulatory body in the UK responsible for monitoring and inspecting healthcare providers to ensure they meet high standards of care and safety. Adhering to CQC standards is crucial for healthcare facilities as it signifies their commitment to providing quality care, maintaining safe environments and building trust with patients, their families and regulatory authorities.

The National Standards for Healthcare Cleanliness 2021

NSHC 2021 Cleaning Guidelines

NSHC 2021 represents the latest guidelines and protocols for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in healthcare facilities. These standards emphasize the importance of rigorous cleaning practices to prevent infections, safeguard patients and staff. Our healthcare cleaning services are aligned with the latest NSHC, prioritising a clean and safe environment for all.

Ultra-Fast Response Deep Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning Services

Our ultra-fast response time for deep cleaning services in the healthcare industry is paramount to infection control. In critical healthcare settings, where pathogens can spread rapidly, our swift and efficient response ensures immediate containment and mitigation of potential outbreaks. Every minute counts in safeguarding patient health, and our rapid deep cleaning protocol is designed to provide a clean and sterile environment, reducing the risk of infections and safeguarding the well-being of both patients and healthcare professionals.

Safeguarding vulnerable patients

As a care home manager, your patients’ health and wellbeing should always be your first concern. Our teams are specially trained to work with vulnerable people, from schools to hospitals and retirement homes.

Cleaning in a care home environment takes a special type of person and our cleaners are all trained for these challenging environments, as well as in Safeguarding. For added assurance, every team member is also fully DBS checked.

What you’ll get from our care home cleaning services

Every part of the care home is expertly managed and sanitised, whether it’s a communal area or the exterior facade. At The Clean Space, we offer:

Probiotic cleaning options to boost indoor wellbeing

Attention to detail inside and out

Periodic & routine hard floor & carpet cleaning

High visibility communal & common parts cleaning

Cleaners who go above and beyond

Hassle-free centralised waste management

Areas We Cover

A local presence not only helps us better understand and support the specific needs of our customers and their sites, but also ensure we are nearby and on hand whenever they have extra urgent or last-minute need.

Whatever your industry, our care home cleaners in London, Manchester, and Birmingham are ready to help.

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