The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Office Cleaning Teams

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Office Cleaning Teams

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Office Cleaning Teams

Great cleaners go beyond being on time, delivering their duties and completing their timesheets. Truly great office cleaners understand the pressures of working in tenanted and serviced offices and shared workspaces.

They go above and beyond to minimise disruption, and work in harmony with staff and visitors, while still completing their cleaning duties efficiently and to a high standard.

In a unique spin on Covey’s 1989 classic ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, here is our take on the top ten habits of highly effective office cleaning teams:

Habit 1: Minimise disruption to building users

Brilliant cleaners work with a strong awareness of what’s happening around them. They understand the importance of the work that’s going in in the premises outside their own. They don’t talk loudly on personal mobile phones, hoover while people are on a call or interrupt important meetings. They never accidentally wipe work off the whiteboards, and triple check the office before locking up.

Highly effective cleaners effortlessly find the sweet spot between being overtly visible in the office (for reassurance), while working with minimal disruption to those around them.  

Habit 2: Prioritise what has the biggest impact

There are some tasks great cleaners, like elephants, NEVER forget. Not restocking the toilet roll for example, is a sure-fire way to make enemies in the office! And an unemptied dishwasher is one of the most common causes of cleaning complaints from employees, yet, with good planning it can be avoided.

A highly effective office cleaner prioritises the tasks with most impact. This is likely to include restocking paper and soaps, unloading the dishwasher when it’s finished, and keeping one step ahead of key cleaning stock, equipment and materials.

Habit 3: Be friendly and say hello

The most effective cleaning teams have a good relationship with office employees and other building users. While language and shyness may sometimes pose a challenge, great cleaners are friendly and courteous. They are unafraid to say hello, ask questions or help employees with ad hoc queries.

Cleaners who are approachable and good at building internal relationships are invaluable to an organisation. With communication lines open, they can manage feedback better and pre-empt issues before they escalate.

Habit 4: Be considerate of others at all times

Traditional office cleaning regimes using harsh chemicals can be a serious problem for Asthma and allergen sufferers in your office. And over-dosing, over-use or heavy use of air fresheners in your office can aggravate everyone. The most effective cleaners carry out their duties with empathy for others. Where suitable, they should also be able to recommend alternative cleaning products that could clean as, if not more effectively, but without the negative side effects on cleaner and occupant health.

An outstanding cleaning team understands not only the technicalities of using cleaning products properly and safely, but also use them with empathy for others. They also have a good knowledge of other solutions available for customers who want an alternative to traditional cleaning.

Habit 5: Be mindful of the Environment

Plastics, water waste and the impact of cleaning products on the environment is of critical importance to us all. So, whether it’s turning the lights off when they leave, using correct dosages or minimising water waste – we can all do our bit to help be greener and eco-friendlier. Probiotic cleaning agents for example, are effective on Covid-19 and have no negative impact on the environment. They come with a raft of other benefits for occupants and businesses too.

Experienced cleaners now understand fully the risks associated with traditional cleaning methods and many now actively advocate for the use of all natural commercial cleaning products which are safer and kinder to our planet.

Habit 6: Plan ahead

Cover for holidays and planned absences is a major concern for most businesses who rely on their experienced cleaners to keep the office running smoothly and safely. Cover is not only about availability but also about training, checks and other requirements specific to each site.

A highly effective cleaner understands how critical it is to keep the offices clean and operational even in their absence. They plan ahead, working with their manager or supervisor to ensure adequate cover is arranged in advance so the building’s users don’t suffer.  

Habit 7: Be fully accountable

Cleaners provide a vital role in any office or workplace. It’s an important job that ensures the health and safety of every building visitor and one that directly impacts both staff and visitor perceptions of a brand.

Being fully accountable is key for any great cleaning team. They need to understand the vital importance of their jobs and how they fit in to the customer’s wider business purpose.

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