Preparing for the Challenge: Lucy’s Journey to the London Marathon

Preparing for the Challenge: Lucy’s Journey to the London Marathon

As we edge closer to the iconic London Marathon, The Clean Space community has rallied around one of our own, Lucy Johnston, who is set to tackle the 26.2-mile challenge head-on. Lucy, who has been an integral part of The Clean Space team since June 2021, is running not just for personal achievement but for a cause close to her heart – supporting Livability, a charity dedicated to helping people with disabilities lead more independent lives.

Meet Lucy: A Varied Career Path to The Clean Space

Lucy’s journey to The Clean Space has been anything but conventional. From a 13-year tenure in various roles at Shell Trading to running her own dog walking and horse care business, Lucy’s rich tapestry of experiences has led her to her current role as an Executive Assistant. It’s here that she’s found her niche, working with incredible people and embracing the challenges and rewards that come with it. Lucy appreciates the culture and people at The Clean Space, finding the company incredibly inspiring.

The Marathon Dream: From Treadmill to 26.2 Miles

Lucy’s decision to run the London Marathon was sparked by a gift from friends – an old treadmill. Starting from zero running experience, she built her way up from 5K runs to completing her first half marathon. Seizing the moment, Lucy secured a charity place with Livability for the London Marathon, embarking on a journey she once thought impossible.

Training Days: Building Stamina with Community Support

With no prior experience in marathons, Lucy’s preparation has been guided by a beginner’s training plan developed within a supportive Facebook group. Running three times a week, her regimen includes mid-week runs capped at an hour and weekend runs extending up to three and a half hours. Despite the challenges, such as battling unexpected hailstorms, Lucy has persevered, finding joy in the structure of training and experimenting with different types of fuelling.

Running for Livability: A Cause Close to the Heart

Choosing Livability as her charity was a decision that resonated deeply with Lucy, reminding her of her volunteer work with Riding for the Disabled and the loss of her father to a stroke. Livability’s commitment to supporting stroke sufferers and people with disabilities across the nation inspired Lucy to raise awareness and funds for their indispensable work.

How to Support Lucy

Lucy’s goal is to shine a light on Livability, aiming to raise £1,750 for the charity. She invites everyone to contribute to her JustGiving page, understanding the current financial pressures many face. Sharing her fundraising page to spread the word is equally appreciated.

Goals for the Marathon

Lucy’s aspirations for the marathon are twofold: to raise vital funds and awareness for Livability, and to complete the marathon on her own two feet, with a smile. It’s not just about the finish line for Lucy; it’s about the journey and the impact she can make along the way.

Join Lucy’s Journey

As Lucy embarks on this incredible challenge, she represents the best of The Clean Space’s spirit of community and giving back. We encourage everyone to support Lucy in her marathon effort, whether through donations or by sharing her story. Let’s help Lucy cross that finish line with a smile on her face and make a significant impact on Livability’s invaluable work.

To support Lucy, please visit her JustGiving page. For more information about Livability and the incredible work they do, visit their website.

Stay tuned for updates on Lucy’s journey and her experience running the London Marathon. Let’s all rally behind Lucy and show what The Clean Space community can achieve together!

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