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Ayo RajiAyobami, (or Ayo for short), joined The Clean Space last year bringing with him over 15 years’ of experience in the cleaning and FM sector.

Before joining The Clean Space, Ayo was a cleaning manager in another facilities services company for over 5 years. Before that, Ayo worked for the House of Lords for more than a decade. In this role, he was privileged to work on the official State Opening of Parliament and meet (the late) HM Queen II (one of his proudest career moments)!

Ayo’s experience makes him super detail-oriented, customer-focussed and understanding of the diverse cultural backgrounds of the people making up his cleaning teams. Known for always putting in the extra mile, building strong relationships and going above and beyond for his customers, Ayo has become an integral and well-liked part of our Central Contract Management team.

Thriving at keeping his customer and cleaners happy, Ayo chose to work for The Clean Space primarily because of its strong culture, values and ethics. Despite being a newer member of the team, Ayo is already making a real difference for his clients and is regularly cited by his colleagues as an excellent example of The Clean Space’s values.

Managing cleaning for schools, medical centres, and the corporate office market, Ayo has a clear understanding of the challenges with managing quality and cost in each unique environment. He’s also a real stickler for COSHH compliance so watch out!

What Ayo looks for in a great cleaner.

A great attitude and willingness to work is the key foundation of any great cleaner.

What Ayo thinks makes a great manager.

The best managers and supervisors maintain frequent and consistent communication with their cleaning staff. By caring for the individual and ensuring to make time for them, they are more willing to go the extra mile in return. You need to have great people skills and an understanding of what cleaning jobs really entail to succeed as a cleaning contract manager.

Outside of work, Ayo enjoys spending time with his family and watching movies or listening to music.

If Ayo could have a superpower, he’d choose the ability to travel through time. And if you ever want to give him a little reward – he’s a sucker for an old-school classic Bounty chocolate bar.

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