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Andy Rowen

Andy joined The Clean Space all the way back in 2010. In his 13 years managing cleaning contract customers in the Birmingham and the West Midlands area, Andy has seen it all.

Originally born in Hammersmith, London, Andy later relocated to near Wolverhampton. Before joining The Clean Space, Andy was Commercial & Facilities Director for the largest free trade operator in the East Midlands. From his food, drink and brewing sector experience, Andy brings a pragmatic and commercially minded approach to managing cleaning services for his corporate and public sector clients.

Andy is loved by his customers for being proactive and agile. If something needs changing to optimise it or improve cleaning efficiency, Andy is willing to act at speed to make it happen. Andy is a big fan of the ‘Plan, Do, Review’ method and he’s always looking for ways to improve. Naturally inquisitive and detail-oriented, Andy is a highly valued member of our long-standing Contract Management team.

Experienced in helping schools, public sector, healthcare and the corporate sector businesses with managing their soft facilities management services, Andy understands the need to deliver quality and ‘best value’ in his cleaning contracts.

Andy is a real team player and builds strong relationships with cleaners, supervisors, customers and colleagues alike. He embodies that ‘Clean Space’ culture of always striving to go above and beyond too. Focussed on looking after the cleaners he managed so they in turn deliver outstanding results for their customers, Andy is visibly proud of his team and their work.

Andy’s best advice to other Cleaning Contract Managers in his position:

Don’t promise anything to a customer that you cannot deliver. And if you do mess up, take accountability, learn from it and move on – but certainly don’t make the same mistake again.

When asked which of his colleagues he admired most, Andy quickly chose April, our Deputy Operations Manager whom he described as an “all-around superstar employee and mum”.

Outside of work, Andy is a real connoisseur of fine wines and food. He also loves to grow his own vegetables and cook for his beloved wife and family. He trades the cooking for the ironing (which Andy hates most of all cleaning tasks at home).

When he is not with family or working, Andy enjoys a good sporting event or to travel – Las Vegas is on his bucket list, along with exploring more of Italy.

One of Andy’s claims to fame was that at school, Andy was a sprinting champion. He set senior school records that stood until a (then-young but future gold medal-winning) runner named Linford Christie beat his record!

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