Meet Sean Francourt: A Decade of Dedication to The Clean Space Mission 

Meet Sean Francourt: A Decade of Dedication to The Clean Space Mission 

The Clean Space prides itself on a long-serving team of passionate individuals, and today we’re shining a spotlight on Sean Francourt. For the past ten years, Sean’s work in HR & Central Operations has been instrumental in shaping the evolution of the company. 

A True Londoner with Diverse Pursuits 

A born and bred Londoner, Sean’s love for his city shines through. He’s a dedicated darts player with a passion for pubs and their distinct beer selections. Yet, he also embraces a healthy lifestyle, making time for running, workouts, and outdoor adventures like hiking and camping. He’s even known to brave the occasional festival! And of course, his Chelsea fandom runs deep. 

A Journey of Growth with The Clean Space 

Sean joined The Clean Space straight out of university as a graduate and has witnessed firsthand the remarkable transformation the company has undergone. His adaptability and drive for innovation have been pivotal in this process. 

Technologically Minded with a Human Touch 

Sean’s work centres around improving the company’s technological capabilities. “I’m proud of playing a role in the technological advancement of the company from where it was when I started to where it is today,” he shares. Collaborating with various departments grants him a valuable overview of employees and their day-to-day operations, allowing him to identify practical, human-cantered solutions. 

A Force Behind the Values-Driven Mission 

At the heart of his work, Sean is motivated by the mission of The Clean Space. “I like the company’s mission of wanting to change the cleaning industry, and how cleaners are valued,” he says. Sean’s multi-faceted role tackles diverse projects, always focused on advancing the company’s operations and technology. 

The Evolution of The Clean Space 

When asked about a particularly memorable challenge, Sean acknowledges the sheer scale of change over his tenure. “The company today is so different to how it was 10 years ago,” he remarks. “Not just more staff and more turnover, but overall it’s much more modern/professional, innovative, and tech-driven.” 

Nurtured and Challenged 

Sean feels supported by The Clean Space’s commitment to professional development. “I’ve done so much as part of my role here,” he explains, “and had opportunities to try my hand at a bit of everything really.” 

Embracing the Culture of Longevity 

Sean sees the team’s shared history as a powerful indicator of the company’s culture. The number of long-serving staff, like himself, speaks volumes about shared values and a sense of belonging. “I think the mission and values aren’t just some corporate jargon here, we really live them,” he reflects. 

An Exciting Future 

Looking forward, Sean’s goals align with the overall progress of The Clean Space. He anticipates more growth, continued advancements, and achieving a 100% living wage for the workforce. 

The Clean Space

The Clean Space

The Clean Space has been delivering high-quality, value-for-money commercial cleaning services with an unwavering commitment to ethics since 2003. We are one agile and ambitious team united by a common mission and shared values.

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