Meet Richard Cowley: Pioneering Operations Director at The Clean Space

Meet Richard Cowley: Pioneering Operations Director at The Clean Space

In the heart of The Clean Space, where innovation meets dedication, stands Richard Cowley, our esteemed Operations Director. With a high level of experience from over 15 years at Kingfisher plc and pivotal roles at Debenhams, IKEA, and Marks and Spencer, Richard embodies the spirit of leadership and the drive for excellence that propels us forward.

A Journey of Growth

Richard, hailing from England, has not only brought his impressive professional pedigree to The Clean Space but also his unique cultural insights gained from leading teams in diverse operational environments. A family man at heart, Richard’s downtime is spent cherishing moments with his loved ones, indulging in DIY projects, and embracing the great outdoors through cycling and walking.

A Leader Shaping the Future

Since joining The Clean Space five years ago, Richard has been instrumental in steering the company towards remarkable achievements. His approach? Building high-performance teams committed to realising strategic goals. This focus on teamwork and strategic leadership has seen Richard increase business value significantly, setting new benchmarks for success.

Richard’s journey to The Clean Space, marked by senior leadership roles across notable retail giants, equipped him with unmatched expertise in store, divisional, and national trading. At The Clean Space, he applies this wealth of knowledge to foster a culture of high performance and strategic execution.

Crafting Excellence Through People

What excites Richard the most about The Clean Space is the people. “We have great teams,” he says, highlighting the essence of our company culture. A memorable achievement under his leadership has been the formation of a high-performing Operations team, each member driven by clarity in role and responsibility, guided by the principle “Plan, Do, Review.”

This ethos not only fuels our operational efficiency but also enriches our culture. Richard takes pride in contributing to a workplace where everyone is encouraged to be their best self, supported by structures that foster growth and success.

Envisioning a Brighter Future

Looking ahead, Richard is enthusiastic about leading the Operations team through periods of significant growth. His future aspirations include enhancing the professional development of colleagues at all levels and eagerly anticipating the integration of a new IT system alongside further mergers and acquisitions activities.

Richard lives by the motto “Plan, do, review”, a philosophy that underpins his approach to both professional and personal challenges. His advice to newcomers at The Clean Space? “Be yourself,” a simple yet powerful reminder of the value of authenticity in our journey to success.

A Legacy of Leadership and Vision

As we continue to redefine excellence in the cleaning industry, Richard Cowley’s leadership and vision remain integral to our mission. His story is a testament to the power of strategic thinking, team collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. At The Clean Space, we’re not just building a business; we’re crafting a legacy of positive impact, led by individuals like Richard who dare to dream big and work tirelessly to turn those dreams into reality.

We are proud to have Richard Cowley as our Operations Director, a beacon of leadership excellence and a vital architect of The Clean Space’s bright future.

The Clean Space

The Clean Space

The Clean Space has been delivering high-quality, value-for-money commercial cleaning services with an unwavering commitment to ethics since 2003. We are one agile and ambitious team united by a common mission and shared values.

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