Meet Aby Khodja: A Cleaning Industry Leader Championing Collaboration and Growth

Meet Aby Khodja: A Cleaning Industry Leader Championing Collaboration and Growth

The Clean Space team takes pride in attracting a diverse and talented range of individuals, all driving towards a shared vision of cleaning excellence. In this spotlight, we introduce you to Aby Khodja, an Operations Manager whose commitment and wide-ranging industry expertise make him a true asset to our organisation.

From Algeria to the UK: Embracing Opportunity

Aby Khodja brings a unique perspective shaped by his dual origins and adaptability. Born in Algeria, and now a proud British citizen, his multicultural background embodies values of hospitality and kindness. “Growing up in a multilingual household speaking English, French, and Arabic,” Aby shares, “has fostered a genuine appreciation of diverse cultures and communication styles.” It’s a strength he carries into the workplace.

A Journey Built on Cleaning Expertise

Having worked in the cleaning industry for over 20 years, Aby’s pathway features some of London’s most iconic institutions. His roles at OCS Group and Atalian Servest allowed him to manage teams in landmarks like Lloyds of London, Canary Wharf, HSBC Towers, The Treasury in Whitehall – and even included a stint delivering exceptional service at Buckingham Palace!

Aby’s dedication and results-driven approach haven’t gone unnoticed. He was recognised at the Golden Services Awards, taking home the award for best-cleaned premises and ultimately the overall winner for his outstanding work at Canary Wharf.

Success in Partnership

In a separate project, Aby demonstrated his mobilisation skills as part of the Building Schools for the Future initiative. Over five years, he successfully managed cleaning and support services for 19 London schools, with additional highlights including:

  • Increasing recycling levels from 30% to 70% through innovative practices
  • Facilitating complex TUPE staff transfers as part of the project

Finding His Place at The Clean Space

Aby joined The Clean Space in 2021, and the supportive, collaborative company culture resonates with him. “The people are what make working here special,” he notes.

One memorable challenge has been the Welbeck mobilisation. A short notice start and evolving client needs led to a reassessment of the specification, and Aby’s team spirit shone. A year later, a revised plan exceeding client expectations and meeting healthcare standards stands as a testament to their dedication.

A Focus on Growth and Development

With an eye towards the future, Aby believes that The Clean Space’s expansion will generate exciting growth opportunities for himself and team members. He sees room for his role to evolve alongside the company. Aby particularly emphasises a potential for increased emphasis on focused training and development initiatives within the organisation.

Aby closes with a motto reflecting his approach: “Put my feet in other people’s shoes. Do to people what I expect done to me.” It’s a philosophy that aligns perfectly with The Clean Space’s commitment to exceptional service with a human touch.

The Clean Space

The Clean Space

The Clean Space has been delivering high-quality, value-for-money commercial cleaning services with an unwavering commitment to ethics since 2003. We are one agile and ambitious team united by a common mission and shared values.

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