Important Customer Information in Light of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Important Customer Information in Light of the Covid-19 Pandemic

With the rapid escalation of CV-19, The Clean Space wants to assure its customers about staffing, service and what to expect moving forward.

As your cleaning company, the service we provide is more critical than it has ever been.  The COVID-19 outbreak is unprecedented.  This information is intended to clarify how we are managing the risk internally but also, more importantly, how we are planning to support you as a customer at this time.

What Are We Doing?

The Clean Space is following the government’s advice as it emerges. We have already begun remote working processes for Head Office staff to try and prevent spread of the virus and minimise any related disruption. We are already using video conferencing and calls effectively to continue HO operations as usual.

We understand that some of our customers will also now be making preparations now to isolate or go into a period of lockdown, and we ask you keep us up to date of your plans and what help you need so we can do our best to support your business during this difficult time.

Managing the Risk

The Clean Space Exec Team have been meeting regularly to discuss the potential risks to our customers and our workforce.  We have taken steps to minimise this risk and we have contingency plans in place.  This has included:

  • Educating our cleaners on the government guidance on staying safe as well as the steps to take if they fall ill
  • Reviewing the Personal Protective Equipment our cleaners use and the stock levels
  • Planning our response to any suspected or confirmed cases on a customer site
  • Planning the availability of cover staff
  • Sourcing a viricidal cleaning product capable of killing Coronavirus on surfaces
  • Maximising our supply of hand sanitiser gel, soap and other critical consumables

Our planning will continue to evolve and we will update you on any relevant changes as they are made. We are doing everything we can to ensure continuity of service.  However, please be prepared for some disruption.

How We Plan to Support You

Our priority is keeping you and your colleagues clean and safe.  Over the coming weeks and months, we will be flexible where we can be to support your changing needs.  This rapidly developing situation will require us to work together to find solutions to unique situations.  Please communicate as early as possible with us on anything you may need.  We will do our best to help you.

Like any other organisation our employees are at risk of Covid-19 like anyone else and this is an unprecedented situation for the country. Possible sickness and supply chain disruption inevitably make delivering a seamless service significantly more difficult, but we have been taking every measure possible (and were early in our contingency planning).

Deep Cleaning Services

As you may expect, we are experiencing very high demand for deep cleaning.  To help with the management of that demand, we are only providing deep cleaning services for existing customers.

If you have a suspected case in your premises our advice would always be to close for up to 14 days if you are able, three days minimum.

Suspected of confirmed cases of Covid-19 

Many of our customers are now closing their premises until further notice.  However, there are a significant number who have chosen to remain open.

If you are open, and you have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, this is our recommended action plan:

  1. Send any affected member of staff home and tell them to self-isolate for 14 days.
  2. Where possible close your premises for up to 14 days.
  3. Ask us to conduct a ‘touch-point’ deep clean using a viricidal cleaner.

Health & Safety

We are issuing internally regular team updates about the relevant advice and measures we are taking as a business. These are being re-enforced locally by Area and Regional Managers and supervision in collaboration with client procedures where communicated.

Our cleaning operatives have always been asked to use gloves at all times when cleaning. Please get in touch for advice if you have no current stock of rubber gloves.

Staff Levels & Service Provision

The Clean Space is doing its utmost to manage changing requirements for all customers. There are currently four main scenarios we are anticipating although we appreciate everyone’s circumstances are unique:

  1. Business as Usual – no staff affected, operations running as normal.
  2. Increased staffing levels – in this situation we are working with you to identify suitable ways forward to provide additional staff as needed.
  3. Staffing reductions – if your business premises are closing or operations are reducing then we are looking to redeploy staff to other operations in the short term to help out.
  4. Use of subcontractors – we will use our existing labour network to ensure continuity of service wherever possible.

What Next?

We will adapt as necessary as the situation evolves; however, we would be happy to discuss any concerns or challenges you may have specific to your business in more detail.

Wishing you, your team and their families all the best.

Stay positive and stay well.

Charlie Mowat, Founder & CEO, The Clean Space.

The Clean Space

The Clean Space

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