How we work: The Clean Space’s ‘Purple Process’ Explained

How we work: The Clean Space’s ‘Purple Process’ Explained

The Clean Space’s ‘Purple Process’ Explained

“Green for Good” is not Good Enough

We have unashamedly high standards: it’s part of our DNA. Going the ‘extra mile’ is our team’s ‘normal’, so it stands to reason that our measurement and monitoring processes should reflect this strive for excellence.

For many years The Clean Space has utilised its own spin on the traditional RAG rating system to measure and monitor performance and cleaning standards. Generally, RAG ratings (sometimes called RAG reports or RAG statuses) stand for Red, Amber, Green and relate to project management progress reporting.

Instead of the common RAG rating, The Clean Space adopted what’s fondly known internally as the ‘Purple Process’. The Clean Space adds a fourth rating (Purple) for outstanding or exceptional performance against expected standards.

This custom measurement scale was originally devised as a tool to evaluate our growing cleaning operative employee base and has grown to become a consistent part of our day-to-day monitoring across all aspects of our business and operations.

Green is Good, but Purple is Better

In an industry focussed on achieving “green for good”, we use the Purple Process rating system to drive excellence in everything we do.

At the beginning, the enhanced Purple Process provided key insights into where teammates were going consistently above and beyond the expected standards. It allowed us to pinpoint where rewards and special recognition were due. This is and always has been a core part of our ethos and what attracted new talent to join us.

Clear on What Great Service Looks Like

Every cleaner is inducted at the start of their employment helping us to instill our culture and values in them from the outset. The training includes detailed explanations and associated behaviours linked to our core five values making it very clear what good and exceptional service look like for all new employees. They strive to achieve the higher level of ratings in their reviews and Purple cleaning operatives are personally rewarded by the CEO with personal messages, bonuses and opportunities for personal growth.

This form of measurement also keeps everyone accountable for their own KPIs, whatever their role and helps us in our appetite to lead the sector in terms of ethics, performance and approach. It helps us get the best from our people and keeps us earnest. It also informs how we recognise and reward employees, encourage teamwork and keep everyone motivated and working at their peak.

While it started as a measurement for people performance, as cleaning specialists, we understood that using a robust quality control method is the foundation of delivering unashamedly high standards as well as well-motivated teams and the Purple Process rating system expanded to site auditing and other aspects of our daily operations.

A Clear and Consistent Ongoing Measurement Tool

We believe that our customers want, need and deserve more than just ‘good service’. However, when you are trying to build something special in an industry where ‘special’ is not usually found, ‘green’ for ‘good’ is not the right standard to reach for.

Most new customers come to us because they have a cleaning standards issue. Whether it’s about the hours delivered, or the quality of the cleaning service and supervision – somewhere down the line, after the contract has been signed, the standards have been allowed to slip.

The Purple Process is a critical tool in our arsenal to prevent customer attrition and keep our customers proud enough of our work at their site to act as advocates for The Clean Space.

Proactive Performance Management Relies on Insight

Purple ratings indicate excellence and demonstrate our culture of consistently going ‘above and beyond’ in every aspect of our business and operations from human capital to the fundamentals of regular customer site audits.

From an operational point of view, the Purple Process offers our customers peace of mind that their cleaning standards and team performance is reviewed consistently and frequently both at the manager and executive level.

Used as an ongoing HR and performance review tool, the Purple Process is clear, easy to comprehend and visual, helping ensure our cleaning teams are effectively aligned culturally as well as being managed, supported and incentivised by their supervisors with a clear understanding of what it takes to do their job well. The Purple Process also enables us to take swift and proactive action on managing performance – good and bad.

Robust & Proven Quality Management Systems

Purple Process is our overarching quality control system that helps monitor and measure all aspects of our internal and external business aspects.

“The Purple Process” provides a quality control system incorporating routine auditing, scoring and planning to maintain standards, putting us ahead of our competitors’ quality assurance because we work across the board with continual excellence in mind.

Our Purple Process allows us to take a data-led approach to customer account and employee management. We pride ourselves on knowing our contracts, sites and customers’ needs intimately, and this means also knowing on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis how the cleaners are performing. This finger-on-the-pulse attitude helps us deploy resources appropriately and focus on improving standards in a proactive manner.

In an organisation that continually strives for excellence and where ‘Outstanding’ is preferred to ‘Acceptable’, the Purple Process allows us to effectively highlight and lead our people toward delivering exceptional results in every site, consistently.

Find out more about how our Purple Process and expert management teams can help improve the cleaning standards in your premises. Get in touch today to discuss your cleaning needs >

The Clean Space

The Clean Space

The Clean Space has been delivering high-quality, value-for-money commercial cleaning services with an unwavering commitment to ethics since 2003. We are one agile and ambitious team united by a common mission and shared values.

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