How Prepared & Safe Is Your Workplace for Post-Pandemic Working?

How Prepared & Safe Is Your Workplace for Post-Pandemic Working?

How does your organisation perform on our Preparedness Scale ranging from ‘Fundamentally Prepared’ to ‘Post-Pandemic Pioneer’? [QUIZ]

What is your company’s reaction to Covid telling your staff about your employer brand? Have you been wondering how your organisation compares to others in the fight to persuade employees to return to the office?

September will see more people than ever return to the workplace after 18 months of unprecedented disruption and forced, and exceptionally fast adaption. For employers to encourage staff back to the workplace they have to show they truly care for individual’s H&S. Beyond that, employers have an opportunity to boost their brand by going above and beyond to protect their staff. 

Whilst vaccines have clearly had a positive impact on the pandemic, concerns around future variants, rising winter bugs and general anxiety from more than year of isolation are still largely front of mind for employees, causing ongoing resistance to the idea of returning to the office. 

To help businesses highlight their own commitments to office cleanliness and safety to their employees and get inspiration for new things to try, our commercial cleaning experts have compiled a checklist of some of then great initiatives they and their customers have been implementing to re-instill employee confidence in office-based working.

Review your organisation on it’s Covid responses and tell us how you think you compare on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Take our quiz or review the matrix below:

** It’s important to note that air-based cleaning solutions hold a greater weight, since not only does Covid-19 primarily spread through droplets in the air, but also, various studies have shown the impact of poor air quality on productivity, learning and general health.

How to interpret the matrix and score your business:

This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it implied that every organisation should implement every measure listed – this approach would not take into account the complete uniqueness of every individual organisation, how it runs and the limitations of its premises. As such, this rating scale is a subjective, perceptual measure of how proactive and prepared your organisation is overall.

Actions in each column build up from left to right, getting more advanced as you progress up the scale. This means it’s likely you will have done some items from every column, but are unlikely to have completed everything.

Like a magazine quiz – if you can identify mostly with the actions in Column A ‘Fundamentally Prepared’, then that is your status. Once you are ticking more actions in any given column than the one to its left you can progress up the scale. You do not need to tick every box in every column, but it should be a majority.

Ultimately, we advise that you don’t get too hung up on your score – the matrix is meant to help inspire new initiatives and share learnings from other organisations facing the same challenges.

The Clean Space specialise in contract cleaning, probiotic cleaning and ultra clean air solutions. If we can help you in any way prepare for your employees to return to the office, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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