The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Office Cleaning Teams

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Office Cleaning Teams Great cleaners go beyond being on time, delivering their duties and completing their timesheets. Truly great office cleaners understand the pressures of working in tenanted and serviced offices and shared workspaces. They go above and beyond to minimise disruption, and work in harmony with staff and visitors, while […]

9 Ways to Make Your Office Cleaners Happy at Work

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1 | Say hello! Acknowledge your cleaning team It’s easy to forget a simple ‘hi’ as you pass your cleaners sometimes, they often work silently in the background. However, a little acknowledgement can make a big difference to your cleaners, their performance and their morale. Don’t be afraid to say hello or engage in polite […]

10 Tips to Make The Most of Your Office Closure This Christmas

Christmas Office Cleaning

Season’s greetings! As we draw another year of uncertainty to a close, it’s not just those last minute presents you need to think about… Read on for our top tips on successfully planning your office closure so you can fully enjoy the festive break knowing everything is covered and will be ready for a brilliant […]

13 Office Hygiene Stats Scary Enough to Get You Cleaning This Halloween

To celebrate Halloween, we have collated our scariest and most shocking workplace hygiene facts for your enjoyment (or horror). We suggest you don’t read this over your lunch break… 1/ A survey by office supplies company Viking, found the bacteria Staphylococcus on 60% of desks it checked. With up to 10 million bacteria thought to […]