The Clean Space’s Continued Commitment to the New Living Wage Rate

The Clean Space has always provided a better future for its employees and the community it serves. In line with this commitment, The Clean Space has been actively supporting the Living Wage Foundation and its initiatives since 2015. As the new living wage rates are announced, it’s a great time to reflect on the positive […]

What Impact Does Paying Real Living Wage Have in the Cost-of-Living Crisis 2022?

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Every year in November, we celebrate Living Wage Week. And this year it’s more important than ever before. With the rapid rise in the cost of living having a serious negative impact on everyone’s wellbeing and mental health, the impact is still felt most by households with low incomes. Low-paid workers face challenging financial times […]

The Year of the Financial Squeeze: Why Living Wage Matters [INFOGRAPHIC]

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2022 is being dubbed ‘The Year of the Financial Squeeze’, and we all await steep cost of living increase. Sadly it’s those families already on low pay or worse, in poverty, who will be hit hardest. Let’s not forget – you would have to be around 50 years old to really remember 30 years ago […]

Celebrating Living Wage Week 2021

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Invisible Workforce to Key Workers: Why Choosing to Pay the Living Wage Matters More Now Than Ever We celebrate Living Wage Week every year but this year we had the privilege of supporting the Foundation’s cause publicly at the Cleaning Show at the start of November. You can catch up on our CEO & Founder’s […]

5 Reasons to Pay Your Staff the Voluntary Living Wage

The Clean Space is a proud Recognised Living Wage Service Provider, and proud advocates of the Living Wage Foundation. Here are our top 5 reasons to pay the Voluntary Living Wage: 1) Better Performance An independent study found more than 80% of London Living Wage employers believe paying the Living Wage had improved their staff’s quality […]