New Research Finds Probiotic Cleaning Is Effective Against All Viruses Including COVID-19

Probiotics in cleaning research

New Research Finds Probiotic Cleaning Is Effective Against All Viruses Including COVID-19 Following on from the extensive research on probiotics we’ve looked at in the past (see the full summary of each major study from 2014 to date here), new and exciting research from Italy has tested and proven the efficacy of probiotic cleaning agents in the […]

How Prepared & Safe Is Your Workplace for Post-Pandemic Working?

Masked employee returning to work

How does your organisation perform on our Preparedness Scale ranging from ‘Fundamentally Prepared’ to ‘Post-Pandemic Pioneer’? [QUIZ] What is your company’s reaction to Covid telling your staff about your employer brand? Have you been wondering how your organisation compares to others in the fight to persuade employees to return to the office? September will see […]

Creating Well Workplaces & Curing Sick Building Syndrome in a Pandemic

Positive Feedback

In a post-Covid world, how we work and how we assess the suitability of our workplaces has completely changed. The common challenges that filled Boardroom meetings prior to the pandemic outbreak have been replaced by increased time spent worrying about employee safety, wellbeing and how teams might once again be able to work together in […]

PHE Issue Warning Over Legionnaire’s to Businesses Closed Due to Coronavirus

Legionella warning

With so many businesses closed due to Coronavirus, Public Health England (PHE) have reminded facilities managers that there are some potential health risks being forgotten. In particular, PHE are warning businesses to take action against Legionnaires disease. Dormant water systems and tanks are likely to show bacteria growth (more so in warmer weather too) and […]

Important Customer Information in Light of the Covid-19 Pandemic


With the rapid escalation of CV-19, The Clean Space wants to assure its customers about staffing, service and what to expect moving forward. As your cleaning company, the service we provide is more critical than it has ever been.  The COVID-19 outbreak is unprecedented.  This information is intended to clarify how we are managing the […]

Coronavirus: A Quick Guide to Key Information for Employers

Covid testing

Coronavirus, formally known as Wuhan novel Coronavirus (WN-CoV) is part of the same family as Sars and Mers. This family of viruses originate in animals and jump to humans and there are seven variants. All these viruses present similar cold and flu like symptoms which make them exceptionally easy to spread and tricky to diagnose. […]