How we work: The Clean Space’s ‘Purple Process’ Explained

The Clean Space’s ‘Purple Process’ Explained “Green for Good” is not Good Enough We have unashamedly high standards: it’s part of our DNA. Going the ‘extra mile’ is our team’s ‘normal’, so it stands to reason that our measurement and monitoring processes should reflect this strive for excellence. For many years The Clean Space has […]

Celebrating the Contribution of Cleaning Staff on i-Recognise Day

Cleaning staff in corridor

Today, 16th September 2022 marks the fourth ‘i-Recognise Day‘ designed to celebrate the massive impact cleaning staff make on the lives of everyone around the World. The purpose of this celebratory day is to: Raise the profile of the cleaning sector, acknowledging cleaning operatives across the globe who deliver an invaluable and essential service for […]

How Can Commercial Cleaning Contribute to a Circular Economy?

Soapy water draining down a sink

What goes around comes around. We are all increasingly aware of the impact human activity has on our environment. Global warming, drought, deforestation and the ever-growing issue of where we dump our waste make headline news day in day out. Our linear ways of working and manufacturing products that show no accountability for the impact […]

Announcing Our New Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Psychotherapy counselling

The Clean Space is thrilled to announce it has rolled out a company-wide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) designed to improve staff mental health and wellbeing by giving staff immediate access to help, support and counselling (among other benefits). The Clean Space was founded, almost 20 years ago, on one ever-lasting principle – ‘if you take good […]

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Office Cleaning Teams

cleaner cleaning walls

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Office Cleaning Teams Great cleaners go beyond being on time, delivering their duties and completing their timesheets. Truly great office cleaners understand the pressures of working in tenanted and serviced offices and shared workspaces. They go above and beyond to minimise disruption, and work in harmony with staff and visitors, while […]

The Year of the Financial Squeeze: Why Living Wage Matters [INFOGRAPHIC]

Waste Removal & Shredding

2022 is being dubbed ‘The Year of the Financial Squeeze’, and we all await steep cost of living increase. Sadly it’s those families already on low pay or worse, in poverty, who will be hit hardest. Let’s not forget – you would have to be around 50 years old to really remember 30 years ago […]

9 Ways to Make Your Office Cleaners Happy at Work

Smiling cleaner

1 | Say hello! Acknowledge your cleaning team It’s easy to forget a simple ‘hi’ as you pass your cleaners sometimes, they often work silently in the background. However, a little acknowledgement can make a big difference to your cleaners, their performance and their morale. Don’t be afraid to say hello or engage in polite […]

New Research Finds Probiotic Cleaning Is Effective Against All Viruses Including COVID-19

Probiotics in cleaning research

New Research Finds Probiotic Cleaning Is Effective Against All Viruses Including COVID-19 Following on from the extensive research on probiotics we’ve looked at in the past (see the full summary of each major study from 2014 to date here), new and exciting research from Italy has tested and proven the efficacy of probiotic cleaning agents in the […]