The Clean Space Benefits

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Clean Space Benefits

Our expertise alongside our reliable, motivated cleaners and supportive, responsive managers means you do not have to spend time dealing with the cleaning yourself. Our operatives ensure the standard of cleanliness is high at all times, meaning less hassle and a nicer environment for you.

And it doesn’t stop there. Working with the Clean Space has a number of other benefits:

  • We respect and take care of our cleaners, because keeping our staff happy and motivated means they do a better job for you.
  • We take full ownership of the service, allowing you and your colleagues to get on with your other work.
  • On the rare occasions there are issues, our cleaners and support staff deal with them quickly and efficiently.
  • You can be safe in the knowledge your cleaners are being looked after. They are trained and managed properly, paid accurately and on time, given holiday,and respected as individuals.
  • Where necessary we can produce reports containing information about hours delivered, audits completed, issues logged, etc. for your internal use. These reports give you and your colleagues visibility to how your site is being managed.

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