Simply put, the minimum wage simply does not pay enough for many households, to live on, especially families. It is our responsibility to look after the welfare of all our staff and Living Wage makes a huge difference to the people working in our sector.

As a Recognised Living Wage Service Provider, we champion paying our people Living Wage. We are proud to hold this recognition, particularly because the cleaning sector is notorious for low pay and poor working conditions.

Fair pay has benefits for employer and employee alike. By reducing absenteeism, making it easier to recruit both new staff and new clients, and through improved performance and motivation of your existing teams – paying the Living Wage can actually be more cost-effective than you may think.

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What is the Living Wage?

Announced in November each year, the real Living Wage is an independently calculated hourly rate of pay that is based on what it costs to live in London and the UK; taking into account the cost of housing, food, travel and other essentials. At the heart of the Living Wage movement is a simple idea – that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay.

‘National Living Wage’ is not based on the real cost of living. That is why thousands of UK employers voluntarily commit to going a step further and paying all their staff and contractors – the real Living Wage.

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Paying the Living Wage offers our customers several benefits and 93% of Living Wage companies agree:

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The Living Wage Foundation Leadership Group

Our Founder and CEO, Charlie Mowat, sits on the Living Wage Recognised Service Provider Leadership Group (RSPLG). His dedication to helping more employees receive the real living wage is at the heart of The Clean Space and its approach and has been since day one.

The purpose of the group is to guide and support the development of the Living Wage Recognition Programme for Service Providers, across the UK and aims to increase those numbers and ultimately establish the Real Living Wage as the norm for all service companies and their customers.


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