Committed to Continuous Improvement & Innovation in Cleaning

To achieve our mission of being the best cleaning company in the industry requires continuous improvement: for our customers, for our business, for our people, for the environment. We constantly seek to apply the latest proven innovations in both our customer services and in our business operations.

Creating Value Through Efficiency & Innovation.

The Clean Space is always identifying and evaluating new and improved ways of working. We strive to simplify wherever possible, and always obtain the best outcome for our customers in the least wasteful manner. We are actively looking for opportunities to improve efficiency, the quality of our cleaning or even just make work life easier for our customers or teams.

Our core values of ‘focussing on efficiency’ and ‘taking ownership’ mean innovation is in our DNA. Everyone is trained in spotting opportunities for improvement across every level of the business and is empowered to how to act upon them. Our front line staff are often the inspiration behind the positive changes we make in our business and methodologies regularly.

Always driven by data and insights, our innovations range from the cutting edge of biometric time and attendance tracking machines, to the more efficient and less cumbersome backpack vacuums that keep us agile – we work hard to continually improve our service and deliver more value for our customers.


Probiotics: The Complete Cleaning Solution

Our innovative Probiotic Cleaning service uses a combination of cleaning methods that bioengineer sustainably clean and safe working environments for employees and visitors.

Instead of limiting the cleaning to surfaces only, probiotic cleaning detergents expand the scope to include cleaning the entire workplace environment including the air and ventilation systems too.

What Added Benefits Does Probiotic Cleaning Bring?

Tackles the whole space including the air

Superior green credentials and safer for all

Scientifically-proven positive impact on health

Committed to Continuous Improvement, Always

We manage our continuous improvement through a simple ‘plan, do, review’ cycle with.  This includes:

  • Structured monthly customer meetings to review performance on KPI/SLAs, compliance and people
  • Structured quarterly customer meetings to review performance on Strategic Promises, innovation, environment, risk and cost
  • Structure internal company meetings that follow the same ‘plan, do, review’ cycle for individuals as well as team performance

Our ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditations audit our continuous improvement procedures, and we are fully compliant.

For more information about our ISO Environmental and Quality Management Systems (EQMS), please get in touch with one of the team for more details.

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