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Green Cleaning: better for you, better for the planet.

Reducing Our Environmental Impact.

Being mindful of our environmental impact and wanting to inspire positive change in the cleaning sector is woven into our mission: to make the world of work a better place: for our customers, our people and the environment.

To demonstrate our commitment to reducing our environment impact, we carefully select our products and partners and use eco-friendly methods wherever possible. We hold the ISO14001 certification and comply with the voluntary EU Green Public Procurement (GPP) criteria for indoor cleaning services.

Ethical Shopping & ISO14001

Now is the time.

Socially active and environmentally aware employees demand eco-friendly cleaning products and an ethical service that considers both the people it employs and the impact on the environment.

The Clean Space is committed to reducing both its ecological impact and carbon footprint. We have implemented schemes to reduce our use of harmful chemicals and our reliance on single use plastics in the work we do. We are dedicated to continual improvement and innovation; identifying areas within our current operations where we can minimise our business’ impact upon the environment.

Carefully selected partners who share our values.

We carefully select third-party cleaning partners who are as strongly committed to improving the environment and reducing their carbon footprints as we are. Our environmental and sustainability policy has been developed in line with our ISO14001 accreditation.


FirstMile, our waste & recycling partners

If your business is serious about the environment, you’ll want to make sure you’re tracking your carbon footprint. Every service offered by First Mile has verified CO2 impact and saving data, audited by one of the world’s leading CO2 analysis companies; Trucost.

Like us, FirstMile are big on reporting, because if we’re going to help in the fight against climate change, we believe everyone needs to measure their impact.

The Products We Invest In

By selecting products from our supply chain partners which combine high cleaning effectiveness low environmental risk, we minimise environmental impact. From extensive real-life tests, we choose the products that do the specific job best, while also minimising environmental impact.

All our cleaning products are eco-friendly; we use concentrates and microfibers; provide integrated recycling services to customers; monitor energy and water usage; train staff in efficiency; and have management measures and processes for continuous improvement in reducing our environmental impact.

When it comes to consumables we stock a wide range of recycled products and can tailor our selection based on your business’s appetite for improving its green and environmental credentials.

Enviro-Concentrates-Range_Cleaning Products

Low Impact Chemical Cleaning: The Enviro Range

The Enviro range of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals has been formulated to ensure the negative impact on the environment is kept to an absolute minimum. It complies with all current European Regulations concerning biodegradability and the preservation of the environment.

The Enviro Concentrates range has a variety of products for a wide range of surfaces and conditions. These super concentrated cleaning products have effective ingredients that provide exceptional cleaning performance, while also minimising the impact on the planet.

By using the Enviro Concentrates system our cleaners will be diluting chemicals at the point of use and sourcing water locally, which minimises hefty transport costs and carbon emissions. The precise dosing measurements not only provide cost-in-use benefits but will also minimise chemical wastage.

These products adhere to the WEIR rating system, the system for classifying products according to their environmental impact.

Probiotic Products: The Future for Green Cleaning

The Clean Space offers a full range of scientifically-proven, all natural cleaning detergents for daily use on surfaces and to clean the air too. Probiotic cleaning products are perfect for use around allergen sufferers, asthma sufferers and ideal for offices with pets too.

Probiotic cleaning is cutting-edge but proven in healthcare settings to be extremely effective in combating the spread of disease – sometimes by as much as 89% compared with chemical cleaning agents.

Probiotic Products: The Future for Green Cleaning

The benefits for businesses, end users and your cleaning teams are far reaching:

Reduce the risk of ‘superbugs’ forming.

The pandemic has only increased our awareness of mutations and so-called ‘superbugs’ caused by anti-microbial resistance (AMR). Probiotics are the secret weapon in reducing the risk of AMR forming in our workspaces.

A proven beneficial impact on human health.

Everyone understands the benefit of a probiotic drink but few think about how using probiotics can reduce the long-term toxic effects caused by artificial sterilisers, whilst still effectively and safely removing harmful bacteria from surfaces.

Products are both human and animal friendly.

The long-term effect of overuse of steralising chemical cleaners is not good for human health. Probiotic products are proven to be better for your staff, visitors and your cleaner’s health and safer for use around pets too.

They offer a deeper, longer-lasting clean.

Getting into all the nooks and crannies, probiotics make cleaning hard and soft surfaces, including windows easier. Misting ensures they are replenished regularly, maximising the cumulative effect.

Helps with compliance.

Our probiotic solutions help meet CIBSE TM40 Hygiene, Wellness & Air Quality environment recommendations . You can rest assured these detergents are effective in keeping not only the surfaces clean, but the air we breathe too.

Reduces bio-allergens.

They reduce the bio-allergens – including pollen, mould spores and dust mite droppings, that trigger allergic reactions like hay fever and asthma. They eliminate unpleasant odours at source too.

High quality eco-friendly credentials.

Better for the environment than chemical cleaners which are produced using large scale industrial processes that produce CO2 and other hazardous by-products. They also come in recycled and recyclable packaging.

100% vegan and cruelty free.

All products are vegan, naturally sourced and PETA-certified as animal-cruelty-free. Perfect for animal friendly organisations, and those wanting to demonstrate their commitment to diversity, ethics and sustainability.

Wastes less water and are easier to dispose of.

Commercial cleaning is water-intensive and most chemical products only work when wet. They do not cause pollution or environmental damage or require expensive, safety-conscious waste management at the end of their useful life.

Contract Cleaning Services

Contract Cleaning Services

The Clean Space has been delivering high-quality, value-for-money contract cleaning services with an unwavering commitment to ethics since 2005. Let us help you get more value from your contract cleaning services.

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Probiotic Cleaning Services

Probiotic Cleaning Services

Probiotic cleaning actively cleans while also helping prevent future recontamination improving occupant wellbeing overall, without the need to compromise on cleanliness or cost.

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Additional Cleaning Services

Additional Cleaning Services

We provide a one stop shop for our customers cleaning needs. Centralising suppliers and services can create cost-efficiencies and reduces management time.

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