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About us

CEO Charlie Mowat founded The Clean Space in 2003. Charlie aimed to challenge the negative behaviours prevalent in the cleaning industry. In particular, Charlie was determined to challenge the way other cleaning companies exploit and mistreat their cleaning staff. This sentiment still governs our business ethos today.

Here at The Clean Space we value, reward and respect our staff.

Our respectfulness, an excellent cleaning service, strong ethics and eco-friendly credentials, has been instrumental in our success.

We never underestimate the importance of our people in keeping the business moving and developing. We do everything in our power to ensure The Clean Space is a great place to work.

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The Clean Space

Meet the founder

Hello. My name is Charlie and I’m the Founder and CEO of The Clean Space.

Back in April 2003, I decided to leave my corporate consulting job and start my own cleaning company. I left a well-paying job with great prospects to start out on my own in one of the most competitive industries in the UK.

I did this because I saw potential. I looked at the industry and saw the opportunity to do things in a different way. A better way.

In general, cleaners are paid badly, are given little or no training and are rarely supported by any management. Career paths are non-existent. They are often treated as second-class citizens.

They are invisible.

In a people-driven industry where your staff define the quality of your service, I think this is madness.

So I set out on my journey with one core belief: if we look after our people, they will look after our clients.

Critically, looking after our people is not expensive. Respect is free. Communication is easy. Honesty is natural.

And it works. I started out on my kitchen table by day and in my rubber gloves at night to get things going. Today we have grown into an entrepreneurial £5.5m business driven by our core values: respect, reliability, honesty, happiness and caring.

With respect and happiness in mind, I am proud to call The Clean Space a recognised Living Wage service provider. Our staff are the biggest asset we have, so to get the best from them we must treat them fairly and pay them properly.

We have improved the lives of numerous cleaners who, in turn, have made numerous clients’ lives easier. I hope you will become another one of those clients.

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