What we do differently

Why we are different

How we do things differently

The Clean Space is different to other cleaning companies. We acknowledge that you might have heard this from others, but we genuinely are. Here’s why:

  • The Clean Space look after our cleaning operatives, something a significant proportion of the cleaning industry fails to do.
  • As a result of this, we have happy and motivated staff, and a low staff turnover.
  • We pride ourselves on being flexible. Whether at the start of the contract or adapting to your evolving needs, we create specifications that accommodate you.
  • We’re a business with personality. We are a team of friendly, approachable, quirky and ambitious individuals, united in our mission to make The Clean Space the best, most-distinctive cleaning company in the UK.
  • Our ambition and personality means we attract a higher calibre of support staff than our competitors.
  • We employ local managers who will better understand the needs of your community. Those managers pride themselves on efficiency.
  • We invest in technology such as using tablets for audits, saving time and money.
  • Some of the ways we celebrate our staff’s successes include:
    • Clean Space Operative of the month – with a cash prize
    • Letters of appreciation from our Founder & CEO Charlie
    • Annual Award for Outstanding Service Delivery
    • Our ongoing #MakeCleanersVisible – a long-term campaign championing the most important people in our business.

Want to learn more about our staff?

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